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Blameless Launches Capability to Manage Downtime Before it Happens

We are incredibly excited to announce the general availability of our new capability to monitor Service Level Objectives (SLOs). As opposed to the contractual nature of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), SLOs are internal targets that an organization sets to make careful tradeoffs between innovation velocity and reliability. Our new SLO capability pulls in data from existing monitoring tools to calculate remaining error budget (how much more downtime is acceptable to meet SLOs). As opposed to just responding to incidents when they occur, proactively leveraging error budgets to make product launch decisions is central to SRE and to balancing velocity and reliability.

This new capability is an extension of The Blameless SRE platform and is available to all Blameless customers.

Ashar Rizqi, co-founder and CEO at Blameless, said “With shorter product development cycles and intense competition, the rate of innovation we are seeing across industries is incredible. But CTOs know that they have to maintain reliability despite this rapid release cadence. Leading engineering teams are adopting SRE best practices to ensure they are providing the best experiences both for their customers and for their engineers. Proactively managing error budget is one of the most important steps an organization can take to make intelligent trade-offs between feature velocity and reliability. Our new SLO capability, as part of the Blameless SRE platform, will help engineering teams manage a complete production operations cycle: from feature release to proactive monitoring, incident response, learning, and process improvements.”

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